Patutlah B.U.L.A.T!!

I caught my maid giving my only son milo, like not in the form of drink, but in its original - meratah milo. Manalah anakanda ku itu tak bulat sendat! Baru umur 3 tahun dah kena pakai saiz 5 tahun. And bila den tegur, sonyap plak bibik tua ku tu. haihhh...bertuah!! Tak cakap salah, cakap lebe2 kang kecik ati plak.
And now, my son is having his lunch plak. And I know kejap2 lagi bagi susu plak.
So yeah... Resipi untuk anak bulat, anak tu sendiri kena mahu makan segala ya...
Tapi diakui, I like him bulat sebab sedap gomoi budak bulat ni. Daddy dia takde isi, pegang kejap jek dah bosan wahahahahaa...

I am just babbling, please endure.

XX Things I Remember About My Wedding Day;

1. I had 2,000 guests. Two freakin' thousand you!
2. I had the Sultan of Kedah and his brother there, and Raja Muda was a cute guy with great sense of humour. He asked Hubby what reporting is all about, Hubby told him the dog eat man story and he actually laughed.
3. My MIL (arwah now) had a minor heart attack when she menepung tawar us. I still feel bad coz I had to keep a straight face throughout. Hubby looked like he was ready to jump off the stage and abandon me at our "altar."
4. I didn't get any official photos with my best friends. Dang!!
5. They served grapes for dessert and I was worried about method of eating it. Use the fork and risk it flying to the guests?? Until I saw Raja Muda guna his fingers. Hahaha... Why was I worried again?
6. We rehearsed with the sort of "bendahara" of the Istana 3 hours before the actual reception. He was so strict, it was almost a stressful wedding, but we managed. Phew!
7. Disebabkan itu, I didnt get a chance to go home and change, had to change at the waiting room near the hall. Everything was brought over except for my jewelleries. Yup, I didn't have jewelleries on my wedding day.
8. For my wedding in Terengganu, I did my own makeup.
9. There were 15 cars sending me off to Serada. FUN!
10. We got 4 rice cookers as wedding presents. The wrappers for all our gifts went into two big bin bags. Imagine!
11. Do you know we can't say "Ya" (Yes) to a Sultan, but say "Tuanku" instead? So... "Tuanku" to you...

I Love B-yootiful Cakes!

Takde rules kan kata takleh update blog every 5 minutes? Hahaha... Adinda kecik (yg tinggi itu) baru load bday pics kat FB. I so love the cakes, especially cakes yang too pretty to be eaten. Especially when my sisters enticed me to come to the bday high-tea dengan ayat jahat "We got LVs for you..." Siut betul, dah nyaris kembang semangkuk punggung ngn dada rupa2nya atas cuppies?? Chisss...
Tapi takpe, yang penting cantiks!! Check out the sisters who made the cuppies at
And, thank you adik-adikku...

Cerita Hal Rumah Plak

Sebelum tu, saja nak note to self dan anak2 dara Mummy - you are not putting any coloured contacts on your wedding day!! It's banned! I ban it! Kennot! Seriously, you will forever regret it. No, I didn't wear any of those during my wedding, but I saw it on other brides, overwhelming lah. Unless you are invited to a thematic party, go ahead. Memang vo-ge the vass.
Okeh, meh cerita hal rumah. Today a friend decided to sell her house in this really superb area under Sime Darby project. Ya Tuhan, if I got loads of money or my pay is RM250 a day (jeling sat!) mungkin jugak berkemampuan nak own a house harga RM500K ittew. My dream house is always a double story. Kat ground floor there's one room for guest (think Mama Papa leh duduk situ, takyah panjat tangga segala kan) with its own bath. Then another room for Bibik, with her own bath. Dry wet kitchen ni I tak kisah sangat, I dont need such a big kitchen, bukan tetiap ari nak masak ala kenduri. Sekadar leh masak dinner untuk 5 beranak dah memadai. Then, bawah tangga ada bilik stor yang kemas. Tak main la macam bilik stor opis ni yang suma benda pun main humban. Semak! Ofcoz la tingkat bawah tu ada hall and dining, wajibla kan. Besar or kecik, boleh adjust punya.
Naik tingkat atas mesti ada family area cum tv area. Senanglah Mummy nak tergolek ka, mengangkang ka time tengok tv. Kalau TV utama (yg ada Astro channels) letak bawah, takleh lah nak berlenjan sangat. Sah sah tetamu datang pun akan duduk area tu kan. Huduh u ols! Ideally, I want my kids to have a room of their own. So kalau boleh tingkat atas tu kena ada 5 rooms, wahhh!!!! Yer, sebab berangan nak tambah lagi sorang dari tiga yang sedia ada ni kan... If not, the guest room below can be converted into one of the son's (clearly I want another boy) room when they are bigger. And as I said, each rooms must have its own bath. I think it's more proper that way.
Yer, itulah angan2 Mummy KALAU BANYAK DUIT LA KAN...
So today, sajalah ushar website yang ada rumah my friend ittew. Subhanallah cantiknya! And then barulah teringat "bukankah mama papa ku jua beli rumah di area tu?" aiyor, fail sebab leh lupa. Terus text bonda tanya apakah jenisnya. Selepas diberitahu terus ushar its floor plan. Huwaaaa... Cantik and bessssttt. Untungnya adindas ku yg berdua tu sebab masih dok bawah ketiak bonda = duduk serumah ngn ayahanda bonda. Dapatlah one room each with own bath. Hmmpphh...
BUT... rumah yang me and hubby beli pun tak kuranglah hebatnya. Dengan harga amat within our budget, and importantly with red bricks (takyah pikir nak cat luar rumah kaler benda, like I cat pun), it is ideal for us. Sementara anak2 kecik ketot lagi ni, kira oklah tu. Kot ada rejeki lebih 10 tahun lagi, leh lah beli kat Denai Alam, chewah!! Berangan...

Beginilah kekdahnya floor plan rumah kitorang. Kereta boleh masuk dua sebab takde tiang tengah.
Ni kat tingkat atas, ada lah jugak ruang sekangkang kera utk family area.

Ni floor plan rumah parents ku tahun depan. oh-so-cantik!!!!

More Flowers Request - Answered!!

When I asked for more flowers earlier, tak sangka plak dimakbulkan. And like icing to cake, dapat dinner plak. Tambah ceri kurang kalori, dapat 4-5 waiters plak nyanyi happy birthday lagik. I never expected birthdays can be elaborated as such. And tak tahu napa plak Daddy sanggup go all out for my birthday this year.
Yesterday, he and the kids picked me up from work, took me to BSC. We chilled at Chili's, somehow makanan kat situ, walaupun I ordered the same thing, tasted way better than the one in OU. Tak pernah2 lah licin sepinggan tu, and kids had two plates of mac&cheese, gila lazat! Even the brownie with icecream (oh so sinful) sangat sodap!! Perut dah kenyang macam ke hapa pun masih leh sumbat.
Then oh, the lovely flowers. Memang berbunga-bunga jiwa bila dapat flowers. What can I say, I am a softie ahaks! Tip to Daddy; nampak macam Mummy majuk jek silalah persembahkan bunga, malam tu mesti lebih pemberian kasih sayangnya huahuahauaaaa..
*drumming fingers* Bilalah itu Aini Liyana nak email itu pictures of the cuppies that Aunty Malyn ordered for me. Sungguh best dapat cuppies oh so pretty, oh so nice. Will upload it here once I get them, and that may take time. Pics from Universal Studios trip pun masih pending. Haiihh...

Something So Cute. Love!

Silalah ignore the mouse pad kat belakang tu ek, enter-frame plak! Ni kad from my children. Sempat lagi paw tok mama and baba when they were in Cheras. But it made Mummy smile super senget. Suka suka!! And dalam banyak2 kad (ada dua jek pun), hat ni lah pi memandai letak umur Mummy, mesti Aunty Malyn punya keje!!!!!!

And I wrote this to my friends...

"Oh sesuatu yang aku rasa kiut. Ajis ngah datang jumpa kitorang (me n family, my sisters buat celebration kat delicious for me and mom) kat BV2 sabtu malam tu. Dia bawak this huge jambangan bunga ros. Memang besar yang scary punya. Tapi dia dok malu2 nak bagi kat aku. Jenis malu yang aku rasa nak tampar sebab gila gedik dia buat malu2 kucing. Bayangkan pak misai gitu buat malu2, OMG sungguh gediks!! Rupa2nya dia malu nak bagi sebab bagi dia jambangan tu tak cantik. Pagi sebelum pi Umno dia pi Floristika kat sebelah his opis tempah the flowers. Kata nak amik before 8pm. Belakang, when he went back depa tak buat, bole? So staff kat situ dah malu alah, staff bangla mana ntah yang tolong buatkan. Expert buat susunan bunga tu dah balik rupanya. Bila aku tengok balik memang “tak sempurna” lah sebab takde kapas air pun kat batang bunga tu. Tapi the whole thing I tot was cute hehehehe…"


I Shall Be Happy

After writing yesterday's post, I was like, everything's too good to be true! Tapi Alhamdulillah, syukur sesangat coz my birthday was pleasant.
Petang semalam, me and hubby were still talking about Japan. Tak semena-mena Mummy keluarkan the dark blue long-sleeve dress bought in Uniqlo Singapore, during our recent trip. Memang it was supposed to be the best sample/reference for Daddy when he goes to the store of origin in Tokyo. Belakang, I sudah perasan something out of real ordinary on the dress. IT HAS SETERIKA MARK!!!! Like a 20 sen size hole kat depan-bawah. Memang terkedu habis.
1. Saya baru pakai baju tu SEKALI SAJA!
2. Baju tu material t-shirt tebal, KENAPA PERLU DIGOSOK in the first place?????
Oh Bibik....
So yes, Mummy meraung for the next half hour. I wasn't angry or super-pissed like my usual self, but I was just frustrated and sad. Tak tau nak cerita macam mana, tapi sedih ya rabb. Macam mati kucing. I cried all the way to dinner, untill Daddy kata he will ban our maid from ironing any of our clothes. And after I said, her gaji perlu dipotong. Kejam kah? I don't think so, sebab saya tak pernah potong gaji any of our maids (former) walaupun acapkali buat keje macam bodoh, macam kita tak pernah ajar. So there's always a first time kan?
I pernah tegur Bibik sebab tak ikut my way of doing things, like hello, tu rumah aku, kena ikut my rules lah. And dia melawan dengan alasan yang memang takleh diterima. Bila I said, no, she has to follow what I said, dia merajuk. Cakap, "Puan tak pernah tahu perasaan kena marah." Like helloooooooooo... Ko ingat aku makan gaji aku tak pernah kena marah kat pejabat ker?? Ko ingat aku masuk pejabat duduk nganga berilek2 ker?? Itulah maid zaman sekarang, nak kena layan bebaik sebab dia tolong jaga rumah and anak2 kita. Tapi bila ditegur, tak leh terima. Macam kita saja nak sakitkan ati dia. Padahal, kalau everything is fine, memang I will keep quiet jek. Takkan cakap apa2, sebab takde benda nak dicakap, sebab semuanya okay. Sekali sekala ditegur, dah nak meradang. How lar????
So yes, my birthday started all so fine, ended in complete disaster. Sekian.
Daddy - I want more flowers please! :)

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Hehe...sendiri punya besday, sendiri wish. Takpe, once u kids know how to "write" like your parents, silalah.
I am having a great weekend. Yes, my birthday is the whole weekend sebab semalam (Sabtu), aunty Malyn and asu Nano arranged a birthday hi-tea at Delicious Bangsar Village II with Mama and Papa. Daddy tak dapat join sebab tak abis2 lagi perhimpunan agung u*no ittew. Thank you for the oh-so-lovely cuppies by SugarRush. Patutlah kata ada LV, got sugar replica of the bags rupanya. Haha!! If it were the real thing, memang nak kena pelangkong. I want the MBMJ Hobo bag jek hehehehe...
Malam tadi budak2 eksport ke Cheras, dah lama depa tak pi sana pun. So Mummy Daddy leh lah qada' apa yang patut, ahaks! Berangan lah nak pi rendek mana2 tengah malam kan. Tapi by 1am dah krohkroh, hampehs.
But we woke up early, to a lovely lovely rainy morning. Went for breakfast with Neight, Roy and Idris Rumi (he's a boy, he's a boy!). Tenchu for the lovely roti canai cecah kuah sardin, sodappppp!!! Minta Daddy bawak lepak Pavilion or Sunway, sudahnya ke OU jugak. Haihh... Tak bosan2 ngn OU tu, layan je lah. I bought myself some lovely stuff and books, suka suki!
I think later today, nak ajak Daddy berHokano, in preparation to his trip to Tokyo. Saya sudah sediakan list Uniqlo mesti beli, walaupun its first store akan dibuka di sini Nov 4 ini. Donch care, nak jugak. Itu sebabnya best bfast ngn Neight n Roy, they have family kat sana, so sudah berArigato lah tadi.
What have I learned today? Urm... I am quite surprised that I am getting less demanding at birthdays. Dah tua pun, tak kuasa nak merajuk gedik. Layan perasaan kaluuu, memang akan ruin sendiri punya ari tua. So udah2lah tu. I used to tell friends if u want to get things on ur birthday, kena terus terang kat spouse and "demand" for it. But this year, I have to add on - YOU urself must learn to make it a lovely day. Gift or no gift, u can still be happy. Nak jugak besday present kalau, belilah utk diri sendiri. Tetap puas hati...
So yes, here's to a great 33 years!! :))

Block, Blocked, Road Block - pffth!

Break kejap. Tengah buat story penting for the mag, tapi tetiba macam stuck plak. Usually bila interviews done tak lebih sehari memang sepatutnya fresh from the oven. Laju jek nak "muntahkan" semua. Not that the celebrity interviewed for cover ni (Ya, I write cover stories for Cosmo) is a boring girl, tapi ntah. Macam terhegeh2 nak naip plak. Alasan!!
Maaaybe, ada gangguan baru ari ni. Dapat headphone gempak from the celeb's management, dok dengar lagu plak so agak hilang kosentrasi hehe... Adakah saya sudah mula gagal untuk multitask? Jeng jeng jeng...
Meraban plak tentang anak2 - Umar said the cutest thing two nights ago. Dia dok heret MAS punya eco bag yang penuh dengan barang masak2 kakak dia punya. Ulfa plak masa tu dok berdiri depan tv, terlopong tengok apa ntah. Umar nak lalu takleh. Dengan penuh firmnya dia sebut "A-me,me." Berkali2 sebut! Kakak dia yang memang petah lagi clear bercakap tu haram tak paham la kan. Mummy pun kompius jap. Rupa2nya dia sebut "excuse me". Aiyorrrrr... Oklah, maybe to you it's nothing, but to me, kiyooootttnnyaaaa!!! Dengan bam bamnya, dengan dok heret beg berat macam nyonya kutip botol. Eee...geram!!
Travel update terbaru: Daddy is going to Jepun untuk a press trip with Honda. I am soooo jealoussss!! Tengok itinerarynya lagilah mak menghangit dalam kuah cemburu kan. Dah ler pi like 4 days before Mummy's all-girls-one-guy trip to Bali. Kita nak show-off dapat berjalan2 ngn friends, tengok2 dia plak berjalan lagi jauh and lagi gempak. Takleh jadi ni!! Memang senarai pesanan bakal mencanak la ye Daddy. Silalah dapatkannya di sana..hehehe... and especially kalau birthday Mummy lusa ni Daddy wish dengan tangan kosongkan. Sorry naik lori, I want things from Tokyo!!!!!!
Ok, now can sambung tulis untuk gaji.

Irmy Umaira Graduates Krista Kindy (The Video)

Irmy Umaira Graduates Krista Kindy

While the full album is being uploaded to FB, here's the story with Umaira's day at her Krista's Concert & Graduation. Woke up before 7am, mandi - tie hair half sambil makan breakfast - makan ubat (baru last nite doc bagi antibiotics, shheesh!!) - gel all baby hair - makeup - check coloured nails (done sebelum tidur semalam) - tunggu Daddy bangun - kejut Daddy bangun - bebel kat Daddy sebab bangun then buat lalalala - amik gambar kat depan umah sementara tunggu Daddy tukar baju - and finally, Daddy antar Umaira pi sekolah. Mummy di rumah, doa yang amat mintak Umaira tak demam kat sekolah and while she rehearse for the last time at FRIM.

Memang plan asal nak sampai FRIM awal, so that this time, we get to amik seats kat depan. Parking was challenging! Sampai2 tengok pintu Audi tutup, so we waited with a few parents. And we were just wondering pasai pa tak ramai parents datang? Tak datang mendanya! Depa dah masuk rupanya!! Haiihh... So memang tak dapat duduk depan, we sat sama row dengan videographer. Nasib baik the seats were stadium like, so everybody got a fair view. Hall tu agak kecik la compared to last year's hall in KBU. Apatah lagi ramai plak bawak atuk nenek suma datang kan. Leh faham lah sebab siapa tak sayang cucu kot, and all the kids were super cute!!

Umaira's You and Me performance came half way thru the concert. Before that, she danced infront untuk Opening Act and for the Hindi dance pun ala ala lead jugaklah. And sebab she's in the graduating class, nampaklah tinggi kan hehehe... Overall, memang performances suma berjaya menaikkan bulu roma Mummy hehe. I was the only other Mom yang gila nak bersorak and grooved to the number. Lantakla kan, saya datang to have fun! Daddy pun takleh kata apa, dulu tengah ngandung Umaira, dlm 7 bulan gitu kami pi tengok school band competition kat stadium bkt jalil pun Mummy galak bersorak. Lagi plak my former school (SMK Sultanah Asma) menang besar. Ngandung tak ngandung, ku tetap jerit sakan. Suka suka!!

Walaupun Umaira missed 3 days of school and final, crucial practises in school but she rocked her dance! Bagus and syabas. Mummy and Daddy are very very very proud of you.

The graduates!
Umaira before leaving to school for full dress rehearsal.

The K2 Dolphins.

The Opening Act.

Beginning of You and Me performance.

It was a looooong song, Hindi kan... Amik ko! But I like...

Alea Alyssa, Irmy Umaira and Alisha.

Peluk Weekend Kuat-Kuat!

It's Friday, it's Friday... The King of the week!! Sangat suka sebab perasaannya lain dari hari lain, kalau dah lepas 12 tengahari mulalah switch to mode kura-kura (unless it's dateline day). My fav days dan moments semestinya petang Jumaat dan Sabtu sebab esoknya masih boleh bangun lambat. Syioknya tak terkata!
Weekend ini - asalnya tidaklah ada plan yang gempak cuma Ahad is Umaira's concert day. Memang Mummy dah psyche Umaira utk psyche her teacher untuk pastikan dia dapat dance infront tahun ni. No more ikut suka cikgu lah nak letak mana, I want my kid to be infront. Saiko tak? I just want to avoid the disappointment of Umaira's first year concert, dia duduk second line, and the videographer memang amatur tak pandai nak letak kamera tu kat sudut yang leh nampak suma budak2. Sudahnya, dok nampak tangan menghayun depan belakang to lagu Cindai. Muka segala tarak! Mencik! Tahun lepas, during Mambo Italiano barulah Umaira was put infront, memang puas hati, so tahun ni apa lagi, mesti teruskan posisi serupa.
Saiko sekarang ada gunanya untuk masa depan - bila kita dah start ajar anak untuk bersuara to get what she wants, lepas ni dia akan terbiasa nak buat semua tu kat sekolah. Kan kadang2 cikgu ni bukan ingat sangat studentsnya yang merenyut ramainya tu. So students lah kena berani nak catch attention dalam kelas, supaya cikgu ingat. Bila cikgu ingat, barulah dia bagi perhatian lebih. Bila dapat perhatian lebih, barulah pencapaiannya lebih. Haha! Itu teori Mummy Nida sendiri ya, ntah ya menjadi ke idak belum tentu. But no harm trying.
The truth is, I was like that during uni years, bila diminta volunteer jek tak tau kenapa automatik angkat tangan. Padan muka kena jadi Bai'ah Leader masa Taaruf Week. And tak pasal2 kena "basuh" ngn akak2 senior about many many things, kelakar plak bila fikirkan balik. But yang syioknya, perasaan puas hati when you get to achieve something big, atas effort sendiri dan sebab rajin angkat tangan untuk volunteer and bagitau apa diri sendiri nak.
So Mummy doakan, anak2 seberani Mummy (time Uni dulu ler), bukan untuk show-off tapi untuk majukan diri sendiri. It's a competitive world out there. Kadang2 angkat bakul sendiri memang perlu...

Yeay to Positive Thinking!

First and foremost, Alhamdulillah!! Called home tadi, Mama cakap Umaira dah baik. Like dah sihat, no fever, no temperature. Biar benar? It must be the (tok) Mama-touch/vibe/doa (Doa mak saya sentiasa makbul). OR it was just Mummy's plain advice to Umaira this morning. I told her "Umaira must get well soon today, sebab tomorrow you have to go to school and amik your concert costume." Nampaklah bersemangat sikit. And mulalah "bebelan" Mummy suruh dia minum lots of plain water, sebab bila minum banyak akan kencing banyak so bila kencing banyak maka kuranglah panas badannya. It goes to show that my 6 years old actually understand the logic, tak kiralah how gross it sounded. Ahaks!
And yeayy!! Petang ni dah sihat...Lega. Hope terus kebah and sihat sebab Mummy dah tak sabar nak tengok my sepet-Terengganu-looking-eldest jadi Kajol/Aishwarya Rai/Kareena Kapoor this weekend! Acca Heyy!!!!

For young moms: What to do bila anak demam?

Yes yes, Umaira demam panas yang jenis mengejut punya. She's been coughing earlier this week, ingatkan sebab gatai minum sejuk coz I know Bibik jenis selalu memenuhi permintaan anak2 like apa saja. Yang tak bagus tu lah yang dia tak kisah nak bagi, sbb bagi dia "cucu2" dia mintak, cant say no.
Iklan: geram tengok Umar pakai baju Thomas (the train) belang2 with seluar belang2. Nampak bontot jek, grrr...
Back to Umaira, so pagi tadi dia sudah high fever - 39.1 degrees. One thing, dia jenis sangat jarang jatuh sakit, but when she does, memang agak scary. Coz Mummy was super tired, last nite ada event yang memerlukan kaki lurus selama 4 jam lebe so memang tak sedar apa pagi tadi, cuma dengar sayup2 Daddy cakap anak demam, but he will take her to the clinic. Makacihlah Daddy...

Back to the subject above, what you need to do...
1, Don't panick! If u start panicking, lagi susah nak handle the situation. You need to think straight, tolak tepi itu panick button k.
2. You must have a digital thermometer, to know exactly suhu badan anak. Jangan main agak2 guna tangan jek, mungkin rasa tak cukup panas, mulalah nak take for granted and lengah pi doctor. Cannot! Panas dalam kita tak tahu apa rupanya. Sesal dulu pendapatan ya.
3. Bawa anak ke Paed. Kenapa pakar? Well, they explain things better to you. It has always been my preference, my kids pergi kat Klinik Pakar Kanak2 London dari kecik, we heart Dr Lai, coz she's soft spoken and tak keluar statement pelik2 like "Kenapa you memandai diagnose sendiri?" (ini berlaku when I told this one MD Umar wheezing dek batuk teruk, belakang, itu MD sudah keluar itu statement. Mind you, this is not the first time Umar wheezing, dah banyak kali and by this time, I kinda know lah what's causing it. Ingatkan dapat membantu doc buat diagnose, tak pasal2 kena marah plak. Sabar je lah! Siap cakap "kalau you rasa nak nebulizer up to you lah." Pulak?? Masa ni terpaksa jumpa that MD yang ada beribu patients waiting, PKKL dah lepas its opis hour, so terpaksa sabar je lah!)
4. Lagi satu sebab Paed is better, somehow, the meds are better. This is ofcourse from my personal experience lah ya. Masing2 punya pengalaman berbeza kan. Kalau my kids, makan sekali dua ubat from Dr Lai, dah kebah demam.
* Terbukti ari ni, Daddy bawak pi jumpa MD biasa, every 4 hours jolok ubat, temperature masih sama jek. Haih...malas nak komen, nanti kecik ati plak!
5. Tuam badan guna air sejuk. This works fast and leh turunkan suhu badan.
6. Mandikan anak bila nampak dah kepam. I dont get kenapa orang kata takleh mandi bila demam? I mandikan my kids sekerap boleh sbb so far, terbukti temperature lagi cepat turun and they feel so much better each time lpas mandi. Siap dia yang mintak mandi lagi... How?
7. They can either baring (kalau pening) or continue main with toys kalau larat. Buat macam biasa, kalau layan sangat sakit tu, memanglah berpanjangan. I managed to psyche Umaira to get well real soon sebab her concert is this weekend, and she needs to pick up her costume on Friday. Must. Get. Well. Soon!
8. Lots of love and kisses. Sedia maklum, sentuhan dan pelukan heals any penyakit, anytime!
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