One Rainy Sunday

I heart the weather right now, it's after the rain. The smell of grass and birds are tweeting, and it's only 6 plus tapi rasa macam nyaris malam. I was just "complaining" to hubby, mesti lepas ni cuaca panas jek sebab it's almost CNY. Usually that's always the case. Tapi Alhamdulillah, hari ni ujan selebatnya. Tak tahu lah kalau KL banjir but I love the rain. Paling penting, jimat belanja letrik sebab malam takyah pasang aircond... Itu sebenarnya. :)

Cadangnya nak update pictures from yesterday's event with Lisa Surihani, tapi my little netbook tengok "demam". Tak pasal2 dia blue screen sendiri. Mencik! Padahal ari tu dah reboot and paid RM50 for that. I think they downloaded fake Windows here. That's why all system is crazy. Tomorrow nak bawak balik to the "doctors" and do some fixing, and this time for free. Belasah kang!


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