Our House is F.I.N.E

Yey yey, esok cuti! Memang hari yang Mummy nantikan, cuti di tengah minggu bekerja. I like! Paling best, Daddy pun off. So esok plannya nak lepak rumah tok mama and makan pizza, we are baking them tonite at our house. Sebab oven kat rumah kitorang, bawak sana panaskan jek.

Update terbaik: We finally got our house key! 31 Dec 2010 ari tu lah dapat surat from developer kata we go and see our unit. Best, best. Berarak lah kami ke Alam Budiman itu...

Lepas amik kunci kat the main office, off we went. Rupa2nya selama ni the unit that we thought is ours is actually not. Thanks to Daddy yang kuat berangan tu. Our unit is actually on a different lorong altogether! Dahsyat tak? It's not 3 units away from the playground, but now 4 units away on a plainer playground than the lorong we thought would be ours. Sigh, takpelah... Yang penting ada playground. Dan melepaslah Mummy nak dapatkan rumah number 69, huhuhuhuuuu...

Here we are, at house number 71 (next to 69, kira sipi lah tu). I heart my red brick house!

The kids at the ruang makan, behind them is the ruang tamu. I just love the space (empty, that's why spacious maaa). It is split level, so need to figure out some sort of penghadang supaya anak2 tak buat aksi terjun lantai "swimming pool" di ruang tamu.

Pemandangan from the ruang tamu ke luar rumah. Tingkap tinted. Siang memang tak nampak dalam, does this mean I need not any curtains? Haha, yeah right! Kang malam2 nampak free show plak..hahahaha!

Ni sebenarnya lorong belakang rumah, gila gempak kan? Yang bestnya, the longkang is on the opposite house. But the tembok not so tinggi, bimbang orang panjat jek nanti. Hmm...

Don't know why, I am sooo happy with the bathrooms! They put lovely tiles in there and in this picture, it is actually the bathroom for guestroom kat bawah.

This is part of the kitchen, I love the fact that the tiles sampai ke siling. And ruang terperok tu is especially catered for the fridge. And I can just imagine a cabinet on top of it. Can campak unused stuff in there.

Master bedroom. Don't know yet what to do with the tingkap.

Again the bathroom, obses betul!! Ni dalam master bedroom. The tiles is not as pretty as the ones downstairs tapi....

Tadaaaa... Kira tak basahlah lantai satu bilik air kan... Cepush cepush lah sepuas hati!

And our sink. Dah siap pasang gitu. I like. I am imagining some sort of cabinet di bawahnya.

As for now, we can't move in yet sebab satu, they still need to do some repair work by developer. The usual stuff when new owners go in. Then we need to plan the kind of grille and pasang lampu and kipas bagai. The basics dulu. We have plans to do the engagement of my sister there in May, so need to lengkapkan yang tingkat bawah dulu.
As for moving in, nak tunggu ada sekolah buka in Alam Budiman kot. Coz the nearest school is quite a distance. Crazylah nak commute!


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