Here Comes Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, we're here to celebrate Ramadhan again, syukur dpt meet this wonderful month again and what "bothers" me the most is, would it be our last? Masa dtg pergi mcm sekelip mata and it gets faster everytime you mention about time. Tak tau apa yg Allah nak bagi this time tapi I want to make the best out of it kali ni - less lahap, less talking, less rasa marah, less shopping... Fuhhhh izinkanlah ya Allah...

And this year Umar joins the fasting bandwagon. Sahur tadi terkemut2 nak telan. Daddy helped suap so atleast ada lah tujuh suap nasi dlm perut. And I am LOVING the fact the first Ramadhan is on a weekend! We get to enjoy Terawih ramai2. Maybe school nights the kids may not get to do but weekends are a definite must go for them, insyaAllah I will see that this comes true. 

Now to nap before the day starts. Chaiyok! Happy 1 Ramadhan!


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