Taknak Grow Up Kot

I think Umaira has issues about growing up. Perangai dia dua tiga hari ni memang pelik. Bukan pelik annoying, tapi pelik kiut gitu. Since she got back from Cheras, she has been expressing how much she misses me and loves me in many different ways. Dengan ayat tu toksah kata la kan, tetiba datang peluk, tetiba datang kiss. Cakap "I will miss you Mummy" tu memang acapkali.
Ini teori Mummy sendirilah, maybe she knows, once she starts real school, things will be different (Noooo!). She will have friends, and Mummy Daddy akan jadi ala ala second place gitu (Noooo!).
Below, look what she did for me and Daddy before we left to work. Schweeeet sangat!! I love you too Umaira....


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