uMummy & uUmar

Takde apa2, sekali sekala dapat balik rumah awal, dinner pun before 8pm... So banyaklah masa nak gediks geduks with Mummy's yoboy. Dia pun, bila takde Daddy ni kuranglah sikit eksyennya kan. Mau melayan Mummy menggomoi dia.
We played the jelir-lidah-to-the-phone-camera game. And, I'm so glad his "ugly" hair cut dah nampak less "ugly". Long story about the hair cut, but let's just say, somebody gave me flowers to apologize (jeling kat Daddy).
Today, Umaira will be in KL, enjoying her last days in kindy. Minggu depan dua hari je skolah, then we r going back to Tganu for Raya.
So begin the countdown to Umaira's first day in primary school. They grow up so fast, huwaaa!!


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