Dear brother...

A friend posted a doa for her late only brother on FB just now, terus teringat my late only brother. He passed away when he was 19 years old, in 1999. In an accident that happened in Gurun, Kedah at almost midnite. It was heartbreaking, especially for my parents, who lost their only son. I lost my only brother. Macam mimpi. Baru usik dia sebab nak balik hostel tapi bau bukan main wangi, macam nak jumpa awek. Little that I knew then that he was going to meet a better "awek", his Creator.

I am not trying to be emotional about the tragedy now, eventhough I miss him so dearly. Tapi, alangkah meriahnya hidup if he's still around. My children would love him as much as they love their aunty Malyn and Asu. And what more this year, we have a wedding to do. Tentu2 he will play a bigger role in the planning. And most probably, I will have nephews or nieces berbinkan Azlan. How nice!

So here's to my darling brother, Azlan Abdul Hadi. Al-fatihah, and akak doakan Lan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang disayangi Allah SWT. Amin!


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