Sedang Cuba Pengsankan Diri

I really really want to sleep early today, but I can't shut my eyes right now. I am super disturbed sebab Umaira just told me she gave two ringgit to her classmate "coz she wanted to buy a sharpener." I gave her the money in order for her to buy her music text book, but she ended up giving it to her classmate coz she asked from her. I really really hate to admit this - I can't believe Umaira is bullied in school. My girl is only in Primary One, for goodness sake! I can't help feeling helpless coz I wasn't "there" to stop her. And I hate, hate, hate to bebel to her so long. But I hope she gets it, the fact that she can't simply give other people money for no good reason. Adeh, sakit kepala..
I guess, I am just being protective coz she is still my eldest BABY. No one bullies my little girl (kecuali Mummy sahaja, dengar tu!). Huwaaaa... Am so emotional.

Huwaaa... sharpener benda sampai dua hengget ni???????


Zura Ahmad said...

tau takper. maybe sharpener utk eye pencil mak budak tu kot ;p

UmairaUlfaUmar said...

murahannya, eye pencil sharpener dua hengget. hahahaha!

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