Still Waiting

While I wait for hubby to pick me up from the office (he's got this exclusive story he needs to kaw tim), I thought I should just ramble a bit here. Got topic kah? Not really, at the same time, my ears are plugged with old Hindi songs, from the SRK's and the Aamir's movies. How come lah now takde good Hindi movie ek? Sigh... Layan je lah.

What to do tomorrow ya? Umaira's got sekolah ganti, she's super excited coz tomorrow ikut jadual Selasa. And Tuesdays ada science, meaning... Ada her fav teacher!! Haihhh... I don't really mind this crush of hers, asalkan tak lead to anything "messy" like dia pi berani2 tegur the teacher benda tak berkaitan belajar etc.

Dah agak dah! Baru sedap nak buka topik, abg misai dah sampai. Ok, gtg.


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