Jangan Ganggu Fikiran Saya please...

The blog title is already a day old. I am trying to recall them but heck, can't remember the details. Tapi yang terbaru, just happened minutes ago, is about Umaira. She was asked to come to school early today. How early? Tak reti habaq plak. But the best part is, she told Bibik to wake her up at 4am, boleh? Gila apa pergi sekolah gitu awal? As usual, Mummy pun tanya banyak lah - the what for, especially. BUt one thing about Umaira, lagi kita tanya makin perlahan her volume goes, tak kira lah if we meninggi suara or cakap tone biasa. It's like she has a please-don't-ask-me syndrome. Haiiihhh! Can be quite frustrating.

So fine, I sent her early, but not at 4am ofcourse. Sent her by 7am. It was still considered early, coz the official bell is only at 7.30am. Called her just now, nak follow up. She said, she was given a present by one of the senior teachers during assembly. So soalan susulan is "what for?". And once again she goes errr urrrmmm... SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHY SHE'S BEEN GIVEN A PRESENT? (yang Mummy pun jadi saiko sebab anak dapat hadiah pun nak stress, apakahhh??)

Ok fine, I am texting her class teacher. Hope we're getting a satisfactory answer.

(setengah jam kendian)

Al-kisah... Umaira entered some contest for Maulud Nabi in school on Saturday, and somehow, whatever she submitted tu got her to top three in her class, so dapatlah present from I think the Cikgu Ko-ko. But urm, she was the only in class that day who didn't wear her tudung (coz Mummy tak bagi coz I thought she was just fooling me. Alasan!! huhu). Malu ah!
Okay, okay, Yeayyyy to my girl!!!


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